My older programs for Amiga

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Here there are some no more supported old programs written by me for Amiga.


  • Riva patch patch for forcing Riva using Stephane Tavenard mpega.library.
  • MuProtectERH 1.0a protected memory for BlizKick's external modules.
  • WaitBoot 1.0 a BlizKick module, it makes a pause before booting so slow IDE devices can reset before the system starts up.
  • InsExec 0.3 now you can insert the EXEC V44.1 by Harry Sintonen in a V39 ROM too.
  • SmartInfoPatch a patch to correct a SmartInfo bug that causes a MuForce hit.
  • Mpeg3Anim 1.0 it is a program that can help you to convert anims from MPEG to IFF-Anim format. This program requires some softwares present on Aminet to work. These details are explained in the documentation included in the archive.
  • CalcBoost 1.1 it is a tool for calculating how much you can amplify the volume of your 16 bit AIFF samples. Quite good on samples obtained from MP3 conversions through MPEGA. Now it uses asyncio.library for best speed in file reading.
  • VMMAllocMemPatch if you use virtual memory this small patch can be useful for you.
  • CheckMouse this is for checking if left mouse button is pressed; useful in scripts.
  • VMM-Handler version 22.30 with 1K page size.