Download: SystemPatch 3.3 beta


What's new


Changes since last public version (3.0):

  • added Deallocate(), FreeMem(), AvailMem(), Allocate(), AllocMem(), AllocAbs(), AddMemList() patches
  • memory patches uses TLSF memory allocator
  • added ObtainBestPenA() patch




It's merely a try to implement a patch that could group part of known patches for 68k Amigas, with some implemented by me. A sort of "all in one" patch.


I want my Amiga to be faster but I don't like to install tons of
programs that patch my system and could interfere each other...
So I started coding SystemPatch.


SystemPatch is intended to be useful on AGA systems.

SystemPatch replaces some functions of the operating system with optimized
ones, increasing the system efficiency in a multitasking environment.

SystemPatch takes care of your CPU and installs appropriate patches.

If you don't have OS3.5 or OS3.9, SystemPatch can fix some bugs in
exec.library for you because the code of its patches takes care of known
bugs of old execs.

If you have FBlit running SystemPatch takes care of it, installing patches
that require it and excluding patches that conflict with it.


If you have a MMU and the mmu.library by Thomas Ritcher, SystemPatch can
protect the code used by installed patches from being over-written (this is
not true for quicklayers.library).


There are some speedups to quicklayers.library I've in mind but I lack the
time to implement them.