Download: libgcc.a per 68060

Libreria libgcc.a ricompilata per processori 68060 da usare solo con gcc 2.95.3.



USE( English only):

When you compile a program with gcc and use the option -m68060, it will generate code for a 68060 processor but at the link stage the code generated will be linked with the libraries compiled for 68020+.

The problem is that the 68020+ libgcc.a found in gcc 2.95.3 uses emulated instructions on 68060 processors; you can avoid the problem compiling for 68060 and linking with 68000 libraries or use my libgcc.a recompiled for 68060.

You can copy my libgcc.a in the directory of your source, so you can type: gcc -m68060 mio.c libgcc.a

You can copy my libgcc.a in gg:/lib/gcc-lib/m68k-amigaos/2.95.3/libm020 but when you compile code for 68020+ processors the object will be linked with my 68060 libgcc.a

WARNING: this libraries can not be linked with base relative code so you can not use options like: -resident, -resident32, -fbaserel, -fbaserel32.