Download:ZXTaper 0.2


An Amiga with fast processor; I've tested it only on a 68060; on other systems could fail but I have not tested it. An adatptor to connect cassette player to your Amiga joystick port; you can download ZXAM_NewInt.lha from Aminet and build your own adaptor; alternatively you can email me and I can build one for you.




Should load ZX Spectrum tapes on your Amiga but at the moment this is not tested with cassette player. I tested this program to load ZX Spectrum programs replayed from a Windows XP system using WinTZX. Maybe to load from a real cassette player I need to write some sort of filter. Please send me an email and tell me if ZXTapeR works for you.


Connect adaptor and cassette player, run this program, start tape. You need to adjust volume on your cassette player.


No turbo loaders. Only standard load blocks are supported.